Thursday, September 27, 2012

@MittRomney 's foreign policy = "No Apology" tour

A bunch of hand wringing RINOs, such as the GOP's answer to a lobotomized Maureen Dowd, Peggy Noonan, have asked what President Mitt Romney's foreign policy would be:
So what should Romney provide? “A serious statement about America's role and purpose in the world,” Noonan writes. “If such a statement contained an intellectually serious critique of the president's grand strategy, or lack of it, all the better

Well, news flash, Peggy,  Romney wrote an entire book on the subject two years ago, entitled, No Apology: The Case for American Greatness:

 and was interviewed by Juan Williams on C-SPAN's booktv, as well as the Boston Public Library:

Basically, President Mitt Romney is not going to commence on a global bowing tour, appeasing and apologizing for the USA's very existence, once sworn in office:

Or, Peggy, as your greatest boss, Ronald Reagan, stated even more succinctly, "Peace through Strength":

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