Friday, August 24, 2012

@TheDemocrats = Key Largo's Gangster Johnny Rocco

Gangster Johnny Rocco describes a standard Democrat operating procedure: "count the votes over and over again till they come out right", like Al Franken did to Coleman:

Each time, the Democrats, their special interest groups, and their friends in the Press, from local newspapers up to the alphabet soup networks have shrieked that Republican objections to the counting of votes from “lost” ballot boxes miraculously found by Democratic activists in their closets and car trunks a week after the election which – “shockingly” – always overturn Republican leads, is because Republicans want to “suppress” the vote.

or the Democrats openly admit to doing in Texas, on tax payer supported PBS:

Lyndon is asked does he want to challenge Pappy's victory because it is a stolen election, but Lyndon knows that his own folks and supporters have done some pretty untoward things as well, including the fact that they violate all campaign finance laws and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. And Johnson says, "No, we can't challenge them." He said, "I'll wait my turn and when my turn comes, I'll fix the ballots next time."

The more things change, the more they stay the same. As pointed out in the Fox special report on why cities are going bankrupt, FDR opposed government employee unions, foreseeing this unholy alliance where the taxpayer who picks up the tab doesn't have a seat at the table when union bosses "negotiate" with the politicians they helped install in office, just like gangster Johnny Rocco above, from Jun. 27, 2012 Fox News "How many US cities are on the brink of bankruptcy?Union pensions creating budget gaps":

Mallory Factor in his new book, Shadowbosses, asserts that especially government union bosses pull the strings for the Obama administration.

Specifically, Factor asserts that Obamacare is a trojan horse for the unionization of an estimated 21 Million medical workers, from September 6, 2012 "Forbes Magazine" – Obamacare’s “Gotcha” for the Health Care Sector 

"The real reason for stalwart union support for Obamacare is that the law throws the door wide open for unionizing most of the 21 million health care workers needed to implement Obamacare. "

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