Monday, August 6, 2012

"The Gamma People" = @TheDemocrats

Seems like life is imitating art and the USA is living through the 1956 Sci-Fi flick, where Dramatis Personae include:

Soros =  the evil mad scientist, Boronski

abused bourgeois villagers held captive by Boronski's machinations = GOP

Evil 1st Goon = AFL-CIO President "take out SOBs" Trumke

SPOILER ALERT! (for people who haven't gotten around to seeing this film in the past 60 years). The plot has a Dr. Boronski create a binary distribution of supporters where on one end of the spectrum are intelligent ivy league types who come up with purportedly brilliant ideas of how to control society & the other end of spectrum includes club carrying enforcer goons (i.e. SEIU purple shirt beaters). The  people footing the bill for Boronski's experiments are the long suffering middle class who spend most of their time hiding in their houses and avoiding Boronski and his minions as much as possible. A Mayor Romneykins finally organizes to overthrow Boronski's tyrannical dictatorship and all is well in the world (just kidding about last sentence).

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