Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Romney will repeal Obamacare"

I signed up for Move-on.org propaganda emails in order to read my opponents' playbook. A recent fundraising rant from the progressives:

Dear MoveOn member [aka submissive prole],

Today's Supreme Court health care ruling is a huge victory for people [in] power. Even when millions of dollars are spent against us, we can win!

Millions of people—our neighbors, our parents, our kids—will keep their health care thanks to this decision [no, they won't].

But Mitt Romney has sworn to repeal Obamacare [one can only hope], so today's victory would turn into a defeat if Romney is elected. And Republicans have said they will end Obamacare and Medicare [Romney has never said he'll end Medicare & Ryan has never said he wants to throw little old ladies in wheel chairs over a cliff].

This amazing [mind bongling, more like it] Supreme Court decision makes the stakes this November even higher [yes, they do]. The Romney campaign raised $100,000 within minutes of the decision, and the Koch brothers just announced that they're launching a $9 million ad campaign against Obamacare [how much has Soros pledged to support Obamatax?].

We're going to have to kick our campaign way, way up to defeat Romney. We can do it if we raise $250,000 today. Can you chip in [no]?

Romney has no reasonable plan for affordable health care. He refuses to cover everyone with a pre-existing condition, even though polls say that 85% of Americans disagree with him. He says, "I want to get health care to act more like a consumer market, meaning like the things we deal with everyday in our lives—the purchases of tires, of automobiles, of air filters."

So, if Romney and his rich friends get sick, they'll go to fancy doctors, and if the rest of us are lucky, we'll go to Sears. [Moveon.org plagiarized this from the Glenn Beck Show...he should sue]:

They then took power tools to the body, amputating the leg with a chainsaw and using a drill to “relieve the pressure of headaches”.

That's Romney's vision of America, with perks and privileges for the wealthiest 1% [evil capitalists], and living in fear of not being able to afford a doctor for the 99% [good, submissive proles].

The scary thing is that Romney and President Obama are deadlocked in key swing states. We've got to get the truth [TM] out right now, while voters are still making up their minds.

That's why we're aggressively campaigning against Romney. You've probably already seen the extensive media coverage—we've been flying banner-toting planes over his rallies and shadowing his bus tour with our own Romneymobile [but if Romney's bus dogs Obama, the Left's collective heads explode]. And MoveOn members are reaching out to more than 10,000 potential progressive voters a day, helping them register to vote [whether dead or alive].

If we can raise enough money this week, we're ready to produce a new round of hard-hitting TV ads that make sure everyone knows Romney would roll back our hard-earned health care victory. We'll also build new technology to turbocharge our voter registration project [one can only imagine what sort of zombie voter scheme this will be], and do so much more

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