Monday, July 23, 2012

@PattyMurray and @SenatorDurbin = #JerseyShore cast of US Senate

I'm citing a different metaphor than the one employed by Sen Mitch McConnell today on Sean Hannity's radio show. McConnell compared Democrat Senators Murray and Durbin to Thelma and Louise (not specifying who's Thelma & who's Louise). Along the same lines, Rick McKee spoofed 's anti-Rep Paul Ryan ad by depicting President Kardashian pushing America over the fiscal cliff:

However, McConnell's comparison might be considered slightly rude, since Thelma and Louise were both chicks and Durbin is a dude. Hence, following  up on McConnell's observation that Democrats' unholy governing trinity is  regulation, taxation, and litigation, or RTL, I would offer that Senator Murray is the Snooki of the Senate whilst Sen Durbin is the Situation, since the Dems' RTL, reg, tax, lit, motto is mirrored by the Jersey Shore kids' GTL, gym, tan, laundry.

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