Monday, July 30, 2012

#Obamacare is NOT free health care!!!!

Hour 3 in Beck's radio show (it's behind a firewall and costs $) cites Opie and Anthony trying to convince an interlocutor that Obamacare does NOT equal free health care and doesn't lower cost, either.

To listen to Opie and Anthony for free, the Obamacare shtick occurs at 3:13:30

Opie and Anthony reminds people that Obama isn't giving people health care insurance, he's forcing people to BUY health care and if you don't, the IRS will fine you.

Or, as Redd Foxx would say, "You big dummy!"

A less cuss infused macro/big picture explanation comes from the CATO institute:

Nor should we forget that across the country there are people who are not being hired or, worse, are being laid off, because employers cannot afford the cost of insurance, especially since Obamacare has not only failed to curb rising insurance costs, it has already added 2–3 percent to premium prices. These unemployed workers are more of the unseen victims of Obamacare.

This is a lesson that goes well beyond Obamacare. Politicians often act as though government programs are cost free. President Obama, in particular, seems to believe that government intervention comes without any down side. Regulations do only good. Taxes don’t harm anyone — except maybe a few rich people, and they don’t count anyway. But there are always costs and unexpected consequences. Those costs and consequences may not be as easily seen as the goodies that government distributes, but they are no less real.
Or as another great economist, Milton Friedman, put it two hundred years after Bastiat, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”
And a more detailed/numbers oriented explanation from Dr. Roth:

Already, the Congressional Budget Office is estimating at least 4 million will not comply and be hit with fines by 2016. According to William Douglass MD 3 million of them will be middle class. He reminds us that a family of 4 making under $120,000 will all be forced to pay a fine of $1,000 each – 2.5% of income, $695 minimum if they refuse to pay.  

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