Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#Nobama2012 vs. Basic Grammar

This privately funded ABC Schoolhouse Rock video instructs viewers on the basic concept of pronouns: "Pronouns were meant to take the place of a noun", and reminds people that said pronouns should match in form the noun they replace:

I suppose Obama only listened to the very end where the narrator communistically declares: "What's ours is theirs, that's how it is with friends"

So, let us parse the sentence: “if you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that”  and compare it to the Obama rationalization alleging that the pronoun "that" refers to the plural nouns "roads and bridges", versus the singular noun, "business".

As Webster's points out, "that" is the singular pronoun versus "those" is the plural form. Hence, if Obama, grammatically speaking, was referring to the plural nouns of "roads and bridges", he would have substituted a pronoun of plural parallel form, namely "those". Conversely, if Obama was referencing the noun of singular form, "business" (which he most Marxistly was), he would substitute a pronoun of singular form, "that". Q.E.D.

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