Thursday, July 5, 2012

Barry vs. Barack #Obama

Whilst at the public library dropping off my discarded donation books for their fund raising sale, I picked up & perused Adam Selzer's The Smart Aleck's Guide to American History from their new book display.  One of my flowchart decision diamond questions that I ask to determine whether or not a history book is written by revisionist Communist sympathizers is if the "Haymarket Riot" is labelled instead as "Haymarket Massacre". The second question I ask to determine if the book is written by Old School anti-American, anti-Republican Lincoln-haters is if the "US Civil War" is called the "War Between the States".The choice in terms usually is an accurate determinant of the author's bias. In both instances, the second choice switches the narrative so that the "innocent victims" are the mass murdering Dems. Selzer's book, unless most modern US history books, passed my first two tests, so I added a third. I checked to see if they promoted the Socialist line & blamed "war profiteers" for the start of World War I, which they only half-heartedly.  Hence, if this book were a cable news network, it would be the Goldilocks network, CNN, vs MSNBC, or Fox.

The caption the authors wrote under the Anointed One's photo I can only hope is prescient:

Some people said that a man with such an unusual name could never win the election.  These people had apparently forgotten that we'd had presidents named Rutherford, Ulysses, Millard, Grover, and Lyndon.  They were all part of our "forgotten presidents" sections.
The only people I recall complaining about Barack's first name is himself & his surrogates, presumably to fish for sympathy. In addition to which, he legally changed his name, himself. Dinesh Dsouza's points out in his book The Roots of Obama's Rage that Obama's christened name is "Barry" & that Obama, himself, changed his name to "Barack" either to honor his father, or to make himself sound more exotic.  As Dsouza states, most people Americanize their names in order to blend in with society.  Conversely, Obama exoticized in order to stand out. If "Barry" didn't want people to notice his exotic first name of "Barack", then why did he change it? Did he do it for extra attention, or so he could perennially play the victim?

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