Friday, July 1, 2011

A Global Socialist is not a Realist

Fareed Zakaria again foot stomped on his CNN show his meme that Obama is a true Realist and Republicans aren't. A cursory reading of any introductory Poli Sci text book:

would lead people to conclude that Obama is primarily, if not exclusively, a Globalist, and not a Realist. Fareed seems to conflate the common definition of realist with its technical definition and hopes that no one will notice his sleight of hand. This would be equivalent to co opting genetic terminology & asserting that brunettes are superior to blondes because brown hair genes are dominant to blonde hair genes.

A Realist is a person who believes in the supremacy of nation states & pursues policies that are in his/her nation state's interests. A Globalist believes that international organizations are supreme & all power of individual nation states should be undermined and eliminated. The fact that Obama did not ask the US Congress for a declaration of war against Libya & instead curried favor with NATO and the Arab League is just one example that Obama is a Globalist and is not & never has been a Realist. Why doesn't Fareed, himself, get Real.

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