Saturday, July 3, 2010

"The green tree has red roots"

Having come to the conclusion that I'm more of a pack rat than a bibliophile, I've made the resolution to donate books that I haven't read in a while to my local public library book sale. One of the books from my pile that's being sent to the donation rack is Clinton Rossiter's Conservatism in America which was viewed at the time as being pro-Conservative, presumably since the author only estimated that a third of so called Conservatives are proto-Fascists versus the Left's standard estimate of 100%. He also described Sen "KKK Kleagle" Byrd as a Conservative, but later on admitted that Byrd was, indeed, a Democrat versus a Republican. I was tempted to just use this book as kindling for a weekend steak barbecue, but I'm not a US Supreme Court nominee & thought that book burning would look rather Fascist.

The other book I'm donating is George "ABC's house RINO" Will's Suddenly. This post's title, "The green tree has red roots," came from a quote in one of the book's article: "They Are the Children". After skimming through his book again, I finally made the connection as to why Reds & Greens make a perfect alliance. Will wrote this book before the USSR finally disintegrated & he reminded people that the Communist revolution never delivered on their hundred year promise of bread & peace. Hence, the Greens, with their mission to denounce capitalist consumerism as evil, help to forward the relative success of the Reds, who continue to trumpet Marxist materialism. If the Greens had been successful in their mission in forcing the West to surrender unilaterally, they would have allowed the Reds to win the economic battle by default.

Will's book also seems to provide insight into the debate as to whether Al Gore went off the rails after the 2000 election, or was always a wee bit wacko. It appears that Gore, way back in 1987, used to be a Scoop Jackson Democrat & thus more conservative than today's typical RINO:

Al Gore (D-Tenn.) noted that most Democratic voters, unlike most of the party's activists, leaders and presidential candidates, approved of the use of force in Grenada and against Libya.

Finally, Will has this wonderful, seemingly rhetorical, question in his article: "Jesse Jackson's Verbal Meringue":

How many candidates spout Third World rhetoric and fraternize with anti-American dictators and then do well in presidential politics?
Obama shaking hands with anti-American Hugo Chavez


  1. I'm not familiar with Rossiter's book but do know the type; liberals who pretend to like certain conservatives who are really RINOs but really do so only to bash real conservatives.

    As for Will, I read a few of his books in the early or mid 80s and found him good then. He first annoyed me with too many columns on baseball, and then later I just drifted away from him because he always seemed too soft.

  2. Upon further consideration, & to be fair, George Will is usually even handed, criticizing both Dems & Reps when they fail to live up to his ideals, although he seems to spend most of his time chastising his apparent own side. The problem, from the GOP POV, is that Will is typically placed on a panel of vehement Democrat partisans who contend that Republicans can do no right in either public or private life & Democrats can do no wrong. The Dems, of course, view Will as a brilliant font of wisdom & understanding when he attacked Nixon, Reagan, Bush etc & dismiss him as a benighted hack when he periodically defends the RNC.

  3. FYI, Will's book is still on the sale shelf whereas Rossiter's is not. This could be because someone purchased the latter, or it could be because the former was a hardback & the latter was a paperback in somewhat a state of disrepair. Hence, one of the library staff may have tossed Rossiter's book because it was structurally unsound, or could have prejudged with content of the book (as I, admittedly have done with Eric Hoffer's) & tossed the book for being ideologically unsound.

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