Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Murtha (D, Valley of Humiliation) under the Obama bus

Playing the game that NewsBusters made famous of "Guess the Political Party" , notice how the Obamaganda media never actually mentions the fact that Murtha, the corrupt politician currently being investigated by the FBI for his extraordinary levels of corruptness, is a DEMOCRAT throughout the entire 2:31 video?

The NRO finds it amazing that CBS actually covered the fact that Murtha is a corrupt politician, linking to another video in which the journalists never actually SAY that Murtha is a DEMOCRAT, but prints the fact that Murtha is a DEMOCRAT on the screen @2:50 for a few seconds in a 3:15 video. If Murtha had been GOP, that would have been constantly reiterated throughout the story & his behavior would have been stereotyped to represent all GOP.

The DEMOCRAT Murtha's corruptness is nothing new & the exact same Dem media went to the mat to get Murtha, the DEMOCRAT, reelected in the 2008 general election. My hypothesis is that the same Dem media are willing to throw Murtha, the DEMOCRAT, under the bus in the hopes that a slightly less corrupt Dem will take his place & run in the next Dem primary,

This would be along the same lines as the Dem media willingly throwing Democratic former Ohio Attorney General Marc "pizza orgies" Dann & Democratic former NY Governor Eliot "hooker-gate" Spitzer quickly under the donkey bus, because they knew their replacements would be Democrats. If the GOP would have in any way directly benefited from either Spitzer or Dann stepping down, the organs of Democratic propaganda would have spun into overdrive to accuse the GOP of being puritanical, sex-o-phobic, & in the case of Dann, carb-o-phobic & anti-Italian.

If the Dems have enough time to recover before a general election, they want to throw their rotten cohorts under the bus, steam roll them flat, spread tar & asphalt over them till voters lose all recollection of their memory. If voters do vaguely remember the former disgraced pol, the Dems hope that they're falsely remembered as GOP versus the corrupt Dems that they truly are, such as Jay Leno falsely blaming the GOP for Democrat Spitzer.


  1. the sharks are circiling and they don't need him anymore, keep your fingers vrossed and justice will be done.

  2. I figure the Dems will just replace Murtha with another "chum"...If the GOP couldn't defeat "I hate the Marines""all my constituents are stupid racists" Murtha in 2008, I don't see how they will defeat his replacement in 2010, but maybe I should re-read my copy of the "Power of Positive Thinking".

  3. Roger Kimball has taken to calling the MSM the Legacy Media, which coinage I have adopted. Bear in mind that the price of the NYT Sunday edition is on a par with the price of the company's stock.

    Nothing would please me more than having the Legacy Media shrink into utter insignificance, snarling that we are all boobs for not believing them. But when seven times as many people watch Jon Stewart for news as Katie Couric, you know that the Legacy Media is in trouble.

    Nothing would please me more than having Katie Couric completely ruin CBS news, which she's doing a good job of doing. And then she could do something that she's qualified to do: run a shop grooming poodles.

  4. ott, I love how after 8 years of equating Bush with Hitler & calling for his death, the MSM Kool Aid drinkers become offended when people question & or contradict their Dear Leader in public & demand that such impertinent people be publicly flogged.