Thursday, June 18, 2009

Letterman is still a pervert who thinks that statutory rape is funny but just not economically profitable to talk about on television

I still find David Letterman to be an annoying pervert; however, his obot rapist apologists not only annoy me, they give me nightmares. A blog entitled Truth Conquers Nothing: Spin is Everything , but translated into carp Latin to make the schmo who writes it sound pseudo-intellectual, through the employment of sophistical logorrhea, attempts to justify the legitimacy of statutory rape. I, personally, disagree that statutory rape is totally cool & awesome & voiced my belief on their comment section. This resulted in the following well reasoned syllogism:

A) All left thinking progs think statutory rape is totally cool & awesome
B) Adagio does not think that statutory rape is totally cool & awesome
C) Ergo, Adagio must be a home schooled creationist who wants to ride around on a dinosaur all day long & must be liquidated like the uppity kulak she is.

Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, I, like all right thinking people, do support the outfitting of dinosaurs with laser guns and jet packs as part of the US missile defense shield against NORK attacks. However, I don't want to ride around on carnivorous dinos, since they'd want to eat me, nor do I want to ride around on herbivorous dinos, since they'd want to squash me. As a compromise, I'd settle for riding around on a genetically engineered Woolly Mammoth in order to invade Canada & squash all evil prog rapist apologists.

If you don't want to just accept this trend of "defining deviancy down" and want to do something more productive than just fantasizing about crushing evil Canadian prog rapist apologists under the furry feet of G.E. Woolly Mammoths, a good place to start is to peruse the posts at Hillbuzz where there are numerous tutorials on the subject of boycotts and protests.


It was perceptively pointed out that my drawing style is an homage to the great Frank the Artist of IMAO. Frank's most pertinent creation that informs this post is his commentary on the Saul Alinksy Wing of the Democratic Party's response to rape victims being stoned to death:


  1. Excellent! As funny as Frank the Artist!!! but with better artwork!

  2. I view Frank as the patron saint of all stick figure drawing editorial cartoonists.

    I was searching the archives of IMAO for semi-politically correct posts to explain innominatus' comment for people not familiar with Frank's oeuvre. The best that I could come up with was Frank's Mexi-cannon, Kos and Pelosi, the original dinosaur with rocket launcher , and, finally, Fred Thompson versus a stupid hippy

  3. Ugly bit of straw man. Brilliant! Nothing like accusing people of defending rape in order to senselessly attack.
    Do you lie all the time, or just as a way to support your false arguments?
    Run along, you lying piece of shit. Weak argument, false premises, lies and bullshit.
    Better luck next time.

  4. Letterman was pretty damn lame over this.

  5. I believe that cousinavi is projecting.

    Letterman described a textbook example of statutory rape. Palin called him out on it. Letterman's prog defenders attacked the messenger (Palin) rather than the message (Letterman's misogynistic monologue).

  6. I read your argument with the stooge on the other blog. Great job. You definitely won.

    Cowardly Misogynistic Hate-Spewing Slob said...
    "Do you lie all the time..."

    Isn't it interesting how often amoral relativists play the honesty card?

    Another interesting thing to think about:
    Mr. cousinavi indicates on his blog that he has an affinity for "Shiksas." I wonder what definition of Shiksa resonates best with cousinavi?

    1. A pejorative term for a non-Jewish woman.
    2. A pejorative word for an immature young girl or teenager.
    3. A house rodent.

    Perhaps he is more partial to connotations attributed to the original Hebrew term from which Shiksa was derived, "sheketz", which means "abomination", "impure", or "object of loathing"

  7. Aha...I didn't even notice the multi-cultural aspect of his misogyny. Good catch!