Friday, April 3, 2009

Responsible Republicans vs Decadent Dems

The Corner points out that Rep. Paul Ryan's (R, Wis.) proposed alternative Republican budget still projects average Federal spending to 20.7% GDP which is still a higher percentage than that of either Bush or Clinton administrations. However, Ryan's budget trends the down whilst the Democrats' trends up to greater than 40%GDP.

Only wacky Democrats & their echo chamber at the New York Times would think that comparing Pelosi-Obama-Reid's fiscal philosophy to Hitler's is a good idea. I'm not certain who their target audience is, or how they think such an argument is persuasive.


Dick Morris suspects that we no longer need to celebrate the 4th of July after Obama's promises at G20.

It’s not the British that are going to rule us but it’s the British, the French, and the Germans, and the Italians, and the entire European Union. What Obama gave away at this G20 summit is just absolutely horrific.

The Brits at Adam Smith get everything wrong, of course:

This is such a strong current at the moment that I'm a little surprised not to have been told that [government] regulation will make my teeth whiter as well. For there is, in this messy real world that we inhabit, a small problem with thinking that regulators will provide that pony for everyone.

No, no, no, don't be silly. No one is promised a free pony. Everyone is guaranteed a free unicorn. Please get your mammals right next time.

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