Friday, April 17, 2009

NORK apologists = DORKs

North Korea recently expelled US weapons inspectors because the Obama administration had the temerity to express ambivalence about North Korea's desire to nuke Japan off the face of the earth. China Confidential points out that it is both silly and dangerous to assume that North Korea behaves in such a manner only to get attention.

Orders of magnitude more absurd is to assume that North Korea will become a shining city upon a hill if the rest of world rewards North Korea's truculent behavior with pity and charity, as advocated by a leftwing pundit, Selig Harrison, on US taxpayer supported PBS:
North Korea is a poor, struggling, pathetic country, a country to be pitied much more than to be feared, with tremendous economic problems. They've got to normalize relations with us. They've got to get things from the outside world

Selig Harrison then proceeds to volunteer:
But our objective has to be to get their nuclear weapons program capped at the four or five weapons they now [have].

So, golly gee whillikers, poor little, pitiable North Korea only has four or five nuclear ICBMs . Harrison somehow thinks it is wise to advocate that we should hand over more fungible money to the North Koreans. Why? So their insane military dictator can purchase nuclear ICBMs for every day of the week?

Hippy Selig works for Center for International Policy , which advocates demilitarization:

Promoting a U.S. foreign policy based on international cooperation, demilitarization and respect for basic human rights

Judging from his statements, his hippy Communist International Politburo only advocates unilateral US demilitarization, but is perfectly hunky dory with totalitarian Maoist tyrants ramping up their militaries.

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