Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Maybe the PRC aren't our BFF...

The PRC and Russia have planted sleeper software to take down the US power grid in time of conflict.

When American journalists aren't spending time running hard hitting stories salivating over Michelle Obama's toned arms, they periodically cover stories that deal with US national security issues. I love Diane Sawyer's apparent naivete, either feigned or genuine: "Who is doing this? & is this serious?" Well, yes, Diane, if an enemy knocked out the entire US power grid that would be rather serious.


  1. Sawyer is a bigger idiot than I've been giving her credit for.

  2. I suspect that Diane is concerned that us proles will be unable to watch her daily dose of televized propaganda if we lose our electricity. In case of a power grid attack, I suppose we'll all have to jump on our bicycles to power up our televisions in order not to miss a minute of Diane's infinite wisdom.