Monday, March 30, 2009

Stupid hippies > cheap energy

Poop, stupid hippies won against AMP's bid to build a coal plant:


9 OSU and OWU students visited the Ohio Department of Development on March 19th to deliver 200 letters to Nathan Harber, Administrator of the Job Ready Sites program, opposing $5,000,000 in subsidies for the AMPOhio coal plant. We confirmed that ODOD will NOT give subsidies to the 1,000 MW coal plant in SE Ohio, and built a relationship with Nathan Harber in case AMP or other energy companies ask for subsidies. Hooray!

Booo! To celebrate, the dirty hippies for higher unemployment are hosting a pooping contest, because the US economy is headed down the commode with higher energy prices:

Events include opening ceremonies, energy competition, films, cleanups, earth day celebration, Power Shift panel, a waste recycling and audit contest, a even a pooping contest.

Here's a corrected call to action for the anti-hippies:

Following our actions to prevent public grants to AMPOhio, now we're devising a new plan of action! AMP is looking for a wide range of subsidies, including a lowcost loan of $30 million, tax credits, and new roads. Please write, call, or email House Finance and Appropriations Committee Chair Vernon Sykes (DAkron).

Letters and/or phone calls are most effective

1. Tell Rep. Sykes why you do not want Ohio to spend your tax dollars on incentives for this proposed AMPOhio coal plant in Meigs County.
2. If mailing a letter, ask Rep. Sykes for a response.

Rep. Vernon Sykes, Chair, House Finance and Appropriations Committee
77 High St., 13th floor
Columbus, OH 432156111
(614) 4663100

I was going to ask why on earth Hillel is funding the stupid hippies, but I suspect that they wish for the US to wean itself off Saudi oil & become energy independent. I suspected, but apparently I was mistaken, that they don't want the US to shut down domestic sources of energy. Apparently, Hillel is the Hebrew word for hippy:

The second world: Olam Ha'Yetzirah, the world of formation. It is the world in which we celebrate the ability to cause a transformation of raw materials. We have the ability to think creatively when it comes to solving our energy problems. We can transform renewable sources such as solar and wind into healthier, more sustainable energy rather than burning finite carbon-based fossil fuels that add greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.


  1. When dealing with hippies I try to look on the bright side. In this case, it is that hippies are not immortal. Someday each of them will pass on to the Great Pot Brownie Bakery in the Sky or whatever it is they're believing in these days, while their physical remains moulder in the dirt. After centuries of biological action and immense pressure, their former biomass shall be reduced to coal - suitable for burning in one of my distant descendant's furnace. HA!

  2. I suppose it is also somewhat edifying that the kids in the photo don't look all that motivated & are probably just there for the free t-shirt.

    Conversely, it might be somewhat disturbing that you can bribe people to support anything just by giving them a free t-shirt...