Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Specter taking wait and see approach to card check issue"

Club for Growth was hoping that Card Check aka operation eliminate secret ballot, is losing momentum:

“If Republicans will work with us just a little bit, we could get it done before the August recess,” Reid said.

Three guesses One guess as to whom Reid referred. The disenguous characterization of the legislation from the local PBS affiliate:

Specter taking wait and see approach to card check issue

Pennsylvania's senior U.S. Senator is taking a wait-and-see approach when it comes to the controversial "card check" issue. Republican Arlen Specter says he's been hearing from both unions and businesses about the federal Employee Free Choice Act, which would make it easier to unionize workplaces. The proposal would allow a union to be certified when a majority of workers at a plant sign cards authorizing it.

WITF doesn't mention that card check eliminates the secret ballot & subjects people to work place bullying from union bosses. It's somewhat ironic when there are blue dog Democrats who are more conservative than a purported Republican senator.


Fraternal Order of Police Opposes "Card Check" Bill

"Without Federally supervised private ballot elections democracy would not exist. The United States is the world's model for democratic government," Canterbury said. "If passed into law this bill would set a dangerous precedent for our nation, and send a dangerous message for the rest of the world that the democratic system can be put aside in the service of selfish interests."

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  1. Last month I had a video of a union thug talking about how important card check is to union thugs: linklink