Sunday, March 1, 2009

Robbing Peter to pay Peter

Lobbyists and tax cheats and liars, oh my!

In regards to his proposed budget, Obama is bringing Democrats & Republicans together, in Ohio, at least, to oppose his cap & trade proposal , which is supposed to generate revenue as well as promote green industry:

One option is to raise taxes on purchasing oil, coal and natural gas. Congress has also considered "cap and trade" proposals for the past few years, which would set increasing limits on total carbon emissions and require corporations to pay the government for rights to produce fossil fuels. A significant bloc in Congress, including some liberal Democrats like Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, has opposed such measures because they would impose higher energy prices on businesses and individuals.

Thus, the budget appears to be a closed loop circle of taxing auto companies just to recycle money into the auto bailout:

However, there are numerous other actors not included in the original diagram:


Apparently, my power point slide was a bit inaccurate. Allegedly, even UAW members don't support the Obama stimupork bill:

the Caterpillar employees] came up to me and said "Hey Aaron, stick to your guns. This is a bad bill." The irony was the local UAW did not endorse the stimulus bill.'

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