Thursday, March 5, 2009

The next time Europeans citicize Americans for being simplisme

Back in the dark ages, B.O. (before Obama), Europeans regularly wrote unkind things about America. Quoting from a hippy paper to refresh people's memory:

"France’s foreign minister Hubert Védrine described the President’s rhetoric as indicative of “le simplisme de la vision américaine des réalités internationales.”[32] Journalists of Le monde have been quick to rally behind Védrine in attributing the recent rift in international solidarity in the war on terrorism to “le manichéisme impénitent qui caractérise souvent la vision américaine du monde.”[33]"

To place into context, this same paper goes on to query:

"But the nature of a post-modern discourse on evil raises the question of whether the amount and diversity of causes posited actually works against the attempt to define “evil.” If contemporary writers present evil’s roots as numerous and fragmented, does evil, as a discrete concept, risk obsolescence?"

In addition to criticizing US foreign policy, secular humanist Europeans often would criticize the percentage of the US population that still attended non-Rev. Jeremiah Wright led Christian churches. Especially to the latter criticism, Americans can counter that:

1) Europeans still believe in elves

2) Europeans still apparently believe fairies , or whatever the diminutive creature to the rear of Obama is supposed to represent:

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