Sunday, March 15, 2009

Manufacturing Down; Public drunkenness Up

Whilst Pennsylvania has been hemorrhaging the few manufacturing jobs it has left:

                              8/08     9/08   10/08  11/08   12/08 1/09

Manufacturing % Δ   -2.0    -2.2     -2.9      -3.7       -5.3    -5.9

Governor Rendell's (D) Secretary of Labor and Industry, who was appointed due to partisan cronyism:

She was previously chief of staff to a Democratic state senator and political director of the state Democratic Party.

has been getting blotto:

Vito, 43, who was charged with public drunkenness after an incident at a bar at the Hilton Harrisburg Wednesday night, is expected to return to her post after a leave that could last for about a week, Gov. Ed Rendell's press secretary Chuck Ardo said.

"She notified us this morning that she intends to seek treatment and hopes to get a better understanding of how alcohol can affect her decision-making," Ardo said.

In order to help save Keystone staters some of their hard earned tax dollars, I've developed a graph to help illustrate for Vito (D) the impact that alcohol has had on her job performance:


Newsbusters points out that CNN conveniently glissands over the inconvenient fact that the vino loving Vito is, in fact, a Demo.


Again, in an effort to quantify how "alcohol can affect [Vito's] decision-making", whilst Vito was drunk as a skunk, "Pennsylvania lost 41,000 jobs in February, most since 1996"

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