Friday, March 27, 2009

Huck PAC helping Tedisco NY20

Huck PAC is hosting an online phone bank for Jim Tedisco NY20.

You need to sign in to your my Huck PAC account or create a new account here. Once you do, look for the New York Phone Bank link on your dashboard and begin making calls. We have provided a script and a list of voters for you to call.

Of course, you might risk being called a carpetbagger by Democrats, if you do, which is not a new insult. Carpetbagger is the term that Democratic Ku Klux Klanners devised to attack Republicans who administered the Freedman's Bureau during Reconstruction after the US Civil War.

The election is this coming Tuesday 31 March 2009. If you have friends & family in upstate New York, remind them to get out and vote.


  1. Murphy leaving Tedisco in the polls by four points. Tedisco talks out of both sides of his mouth. Typical Republican, can't be trusted. Love his hairdo

  2. Can you delineate, specifically, how Tedisco "talks out of both sides of his mouth"?

    If so, I don't perceive how Republicans possess a monopoly on this behavior. Obama pledged not to hire lobbyists, and yet he has appointed lobbyists to his administration: