Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Coal DOES make "cents"

China Confidential blogs about coal

The United States is the Saudi Arabia of coal. The U.S. has enormous coal resources and recoverable reserves--275 billion tons, an amount that is greater than any other nation in the world and capable of meeting domestic demand for more than 250 years at current rates of consumption.

But dumbbell Democrats, enthralled by environmental fascism and green dreams, schemes and scams, are fanatically opposed to coal

An email from a hippy who wants to shut down coal, in case you wish to thwart them:

The latest (and greatest?) OSEC Newsletter:
-Power Shift 2009 report back
-3 ways to stop government handouts for the AMP-Ohio coal plant
-summer opportunities
-as always, funny videos :0)

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PS - I just made the newsletter more easily accessible - you can view all issues on our website at:

On the one hand, the hippies pretend to care about striking coal miners:

The Air Force was even called in to drop bombs on 10,000 union miners who had armed themselves and were marching to Mingo County WV to free imprisoned union organizers by whatever force was necessary.

On the other, the hippies as some of their top ten goals
want to protest & put said coal miners out of work:

7. Debunk the myth of "clean coal" and "jobs versus the environment".
8. Encourage conservation, efficiency, solar and wind energy as alternatives to Mountain Top Removal and all forms of surface mining.

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