Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sarah Palin=Queen Esther?

For some odd reason TBN's Pastor Perry Stone, who seems to advocate the philosophy that history repeats itself and karmic retribution versus standard Christianity, compares Sarah Palin to Esther, but cautions that Esther had to prepare herself before she became queen (much to the loud cheering to his congregation). Neither the pastor, who doesn't appear to fit the mold of the typical elitist RINO described by Sowell, nor his congregation point out the obvious fact that Governor Palin possessed just as much preparation, or lack thereof, as then Senator Obama.

Additionally, here are purported Christians, or possibly Mobies, who are allegedly troubled by Palin's church, but, apparently had no problem supporting Obama who attended Rev. Wright's "God Damn Amerikkka" black liberation theology church.

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