Tuesday, February 3, 2009

MoveOn.org tries to rally the troops to defend the demo-pork bill

An email from MoveOn.org that simultaneously defends the demo-pork bill & attacks Limbaugh:

Obama's stimulus plan will help real people, not the Wall Street banks. It's not perfect, but it's targeted on stimulating the economy immediately and investing wisely in long-term growth:3

Millions of green jobs to double our clean energy production in three years.4 Affordable health care for the unemployed.5 The biggest investment in education since World War II—enough to "avert literally hundreds of thousands of teacher layoffs."6 [adagio: Presumably, they are referring to the GI bill, which helped students versus this make work project for teacher unions]

Almost 200 economists from across the political spectrum sent an urgent letter to Congress endorsing the stimulus plan. They write: "The plan proposes important investments that can start to overcome the nation's damaging loss of jobs by saving or creating millions of jobs and put the United States back onto a sustainable long term growth path. We do not have the luxury of a lengthy debate over the best course of action. This legislation may not be enough to solve all the economy's problems, but it is urgently needed and an important step in the right direction."7

Rush Limbaugh and other right-wingers don't think the government should help people survive tough economic times. And they don't want Obama to gain momentum for other progressive goals, like ending the war and making sure everyone gets health care.

This stance was spoofed by a people's cube ad :

MoveOn adopts Bush's cowboy diplomacy: 'You're either with Obama or Rush'

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