Friday, February 27, 2009

Kommunist Kos Kids & Krickets

Ran across this seemingly banal site that attempts to compare & contrast the games of baseball and cricket. Upon skimming through the comments, noticed that Kommunist Kos Kids immediately attempted to hijack the thread by attacking Palin, her family, and associates. One of his criticisms:

Meanwhile, the media is strangely silent when it is revealed that a vice-presidential candidate gave a ringing endorsement of her minister who went on a witch-hunt to Africa.

Yes, he went on a literal witch-hunt, and he found one. He had her ostracized and run out of town.

I would only fault Palin's minister for travelling all the way to Africa to chase witches. There are plenty of witches, with a capital 'B', who deserve to be chased away right here in the good ole US of A.

To asnwer the Kos Kid's slimy insinuation that Levi Johnston committed statutory rape & should be imprisoned, the age of consent in Alaska is 16.

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