Sunday, February 5, 2023

Blue Roses


In a clip from "Anthropoid" about events that took place in World War II the characters assert that there was a bed of colored roses in the shape of the old Czechoslovakian flag 🇨🇿 but their flag was red -white - & blue & blue roses 🏵️ were only artificially engineered in 2004.

I tried searching online & I couldn't find anything about this alleged Czech flag made of roses 🌹

In the documentary "The Lost Corvette" 🏎️ about the missing 1983 Corvette -during a debate between digital vs analog dashboards - one of the builders asserts:

"Analog is cool, but it'll never be David Hasselhoff cool"

I don't understand the Italian construction business 🇮🇹 👷‍♂️In "The Man Who Will Come" a character brings a live chicken 🐔 to a roof repair job 🔨

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